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  Welcome to Green Fine Chemical (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Located on Shanghai Pudong Development zone, Green Fine Chemical£¨Shanghai£© Co.,Ltd is a corporation applied itself to research, development, manufacture & trade in innovative materials based on modern science and technology.

Business scope of Green Fine Chemical£¨Shanghai£© Co.,Ltd: Liquid Crystal materials, Organic Electro-luminescence materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, OPC materials, Photo Cure materials, Storage Memory Dyes .

Profit from full support of group subordinate enterprises , Green Fine Chemical£¨Shanghai£© Co.,Ltd not only advanced in QC,QA and customer service, but also have powerful R&D capability. We would please to OEM any kinds of fine Chemicals for customer, and also to developing potential market of new products with partners.

2-[(N-methyl-N-2-pyridinyl) amino]ethanoll...
OLED materials
Copper(¢̣) phthalocyanine...
trans-4-ethylcyclohexane carboxylic acid...

OPC Chemicals
4-(N-ethyl-N-benzyl)amino- benzoaldehyde...
Green Fine Chemical£¨Shanghai£© Co.,Ltd
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